Why Corp-Solutions?

Support and sustain

Corp-Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of corporate enterprise solutions. Post assessing each business, we provide state of the art solutions through a tailored mix of leasing and factoring tools to support and sustain their long-term business goals.

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Our Approach

By capitalizing on synergies inherent in the factoring and leasing business models, EFG Corp-Solutions is the first of its kind in Egypt to offer both services under one roof. We provide businesses with tailored advice through a range of solutions including factoring and leasing services, as well as a unique mix of both in order to help them achieve their long-term business goals and support their growth strategy.


To deliver top-of-the-line corporate enterprise solutions, tailored to individual business needs across all sectors in Egypt and the region. Building on EFG Holding’ track record of success, we seek to establish Egypt’s first non-banking corporate bank, offering a full suite of services aimed at supporting businesses in their growth strategy, no matter their size or sector.

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Providing Tailored Solutions to Meet
Your Long-term Business Needs

Expert Advice

Our team of qualified experts assess your needs, absorb your goals and provide you with market leading advisory services to support your achievement of them.

Financing Solutions

We offer financing solutions in order to cover your capital expenditure requirements in order to support your growth.


We value our clients, and work towards building lasting relationships with them through bespoke solutions tailored to their needs.

Tailored Assessments

Our team assesses each business individually, allowing us to provide them with customized solutions in order to guide them to grow.