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We are specialists in providing financial and operating leasing solutions for businesses of all sizes, offering long-term, expert advisory. We're a force multiplier, allowing you to call on our decades of experience across industries and geographies to deploy your capital where it will make the biggest difference to your business plans.

Financial Lease

Think of financial leases as a fixed-term loan that allows you to buy a capital asset and pay for it on installments. In practical terms, we purchase and own the asset and lease it to you for a set period of time, generally a medium-to-long-term period. At the end of the period, you'll either own the asset or have the option to buy it for a value of EGP 1. Financial leases — sometimes called “Capital Leasing” — is best suited to assets you want to own for the long-term: Real estate, for example, or handling machinery. At the end of the contract, the outcome is usually an asset on your balance sheet with a book value of EGP 1.

Operating Lease

Operating leases are for the cases in which you need an asset today – and want to replace it before it becomes obsolete. Think of it as something more like a regular car rental you use the asset for a period of time, and have the right to return the vehicle to us when your lease term is up and get a replacement. An operating lease doesn’t create an asset on your books at the end of lease tenor.

Financing decisions' time that are half 
the industry norm

We Finance

  •   Technology systems (servers, software, licenses, and various user terminals)
  •   All types of vehicles, including all fleet purposes, passenger and commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and more
  •   All kinds of equipment, from medical equipment including diagnostics suites, full lab setups and hospital equipment, to solar, office, cars manufacturing, industrial equipment and more
  •   Plant & Machinery (handling and heavy equipment, rigs, cranes, forklifts, generators and more)
  •   Real Estate and Projects Finance

Equipment and turnkey solutions for

  •   Building owners and small developers
  •   Communications
  •   Construction
  •   Energy systems, including renewable energy, RDF, waste heat recovery systems and other small captive power sources
  •   Industrial equipment for manufacturers of all sizes
  •   Machine tool systems
  •   Waste management