What We Offer

How It Works

Our highly experienced team of professionals will assist your business both domestically and globally to grow sustainabily without diluting equity or incurring further debt, while also reducing exposure to risk.

We offer

Up to 95% in advance payment

  •    Access to more financing than through conventional bank borrowing; factoring is geared specifically to the A/R and therefore to growing the seller’s sales
  •   Enhance your business’s working capital
  •    Reinvest in the company’s production process and increase your production cycle
  •    Ensure you can pay suppliers promptly, allowing you to benefit from prompt-payment discounts while improving your credit standing with suppliers
  •   Better cash position thanks to increased liquidity
  •    Increase your annual sales turnover

Collection service

  •   Reduced administration costs
  •   Allows the seller to focus on the key tasks of production and sales rather than having to dedicate time and energy to collecting money for services and products already delivered
  •    Eliminate the hassle of having to constantly follow up with your customers to ensure your business is getting paid for the products or services sold
  •   Access to a better collection management service meaning faster payments, which in turn means lower financing costs for your business
  •    Helps you maintain a healthy relationship with your customers

Protect your business

  •    Eliminate the risk of default
  •    Benefit from expert evaluations of buyers’ credit standings

Professional sales ledger and bookkeeping management services

  Alongside reducing administration costs, our factoring team takes the seller’s buyer accounts onto its books and updates these accounts with all transactions including invoices, credit notes, payments, etc. When appropriate, the factor sends statements to the buyers showing what should be paid to the factor and the composition of the amount. The seller receives regular reports on the status of the ledger and so is able to stay fully informed about the performance of their accounts receivables